Pollinator Gardens

Do you know what a pollinator is? What about a pollinator garden? The team here at GenEarth has discovered that a lot of people don’t understand the basics of pollinations or how to ensure the longevity of our pollinators, and in turn, our planet.

What is a Pollinator?

A pollinator is an animal that causes a plant to make fruit or seed. They do this by transferring pollen from one part of the flower to another part of the plant. The most common pollinator that comes to mind if bees. But did you know that other insects such as butterflies, flies, beetles, moths, wasps, birds and even bats can be pollinators??

So now that you know what a pollinator is, what is a pollinator garden?

A pollinator garden means just that: a garden that attracts our ever important pollinators. Plants which were once thought of as weeds, are now being widely promoted and used in gardens. Milkweed is a perfect example of this! Milkweed is vital for the survival of butterflies and other pollinators! If you are interested in helping keep our pollinators alive, look up a native plant list and start planting your pollinator garden today! If you have any questions, out team here at GenEarth is more than happy to help! Check out these resources below for more information on pollinator gardens: