Recycling Resources

Recycling is an important part of sustaining our planet. The team here at GenEarth feels as though recycling and other sustainability topics are ones that should be made part of the regular curriculum in schools. Educating the public, especially at a young age, is so helpful and important. Here is some fantastic information on recycling:


Surprising to many, electronics can be recycled far more often than not. The first thing to consider when you are going to get rid of something like a television is whether or not it is still usable. If it is and you are simply upgrading, consider donating your items! Places like churches, schools, and daycare centers can all be great places to contact and see if they are in need of some electronics.


Appliances can also be recycled! Of course, as is the case with electronics, the first thing to consider is whether or not anyone can still get use out of it. You can look up the corporate recycling plans for specific companies online and discover how to responsibly and effectively recycle your appliances.